WCW Nitro Results (6-21)

WCW Monday Nitro

Nitro Flashback: Master P and Curt Hennig battle for musical supremacy; Buff Bagwell and the young guns take on the WCW establishment; Kevin Nash and Sid collide after Great American Bash.

Backstage, Randy Savage, Sid Vicious and The Entourage arrived in their notorious hummer. Kevin Nash pulled up next to the car, but was unable to see the mystery driver.

Ring announcer David Penzer introduced Master P with the No Limit Soldiers. Nitro fans were then treated to a rap song.

Great American Bash Flashback: Curt Hennig confronts Master P and the soldiers backstage. Later, in a match between Hennig-Bobby Duncum and Konnan-Rey Mysterio, Jr., Master P's bodyguard Massive Swoll helped the Mexican contingent when Barry Windham made a surprise appearance.

Nitro Flashback: Hennig and the cowboys played their hit single "Rap is Crap" at DJ Ran's location. They were soon charged by P, the soldiers, Konnan and Mysterio.

Backstage, Lenny Lane prepared for his match with Meng. Lodi offered support and a back rub.

Kidman d. Psychosis :
These two top-notch Cruiserweights renewed their former feud in a battle that thrilled the New Orleans audience. The masked superstar dominated Kidman with kicks and leg drops, but was winded by a combination turnbuckle toss-clothesline. When the action reached the outside, Psychosis regained control, and even scored a devastating spinwheel off-the-top. Kidman rebounded, however, and prepared for the Shooting Star Press -- when Savage and Sid arrived. Team Madness obliterated the two youngster with choke-slams and power bombs. Enter Sting. The Painted One cleared the ring without ever touching either wrestler.

Afterwards, Nash joined the Stinger in the ring.

Bigsexy surprised the wrestling world by questioning Sting's loyalty (last week, Sting used a hummer to surprise Rick Steiner. Nash tried to make a connection between that vehicle, and the one that rammed his limousine). Sting denied any wrong-doing. Nash ended by telling his former teammate that, if he was involved, he would be a hunted man.

Backstage, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair decided to sign a match between Sid and Sting for that very evening.

GAB Flashback: Bagwell's attempted to help Piper in his match against Flair, but ended up being double-teamed by both veterans.

Nitro Flashback: Bagwell pinned Flair during a gripping 8-man tag match.

Meng d. Lenny Lane (w/ Lodi) :
Lane was quickly treated to Meng's brute strength, as well as some unflattering chants. While Lane was being obliterated, Lodi came ringside for support. Desperate, the Minnesota native went to the top rope -- only to have Meng slam him to the mat with a Tongan Death Grip. Post-match, Lodi helped Lane to the dressing room.

Nitro Flashback: During Rick Steiner and Hak's brutal match, Sting exited a black hummer and attacked the Dog-Faced Gremlin.

Announcers discussed why Sting might have been in the hummer, and if Bigsexy should be suspicious of his former friend.

Master P and the No Limit Soldiers entered the ring, and sang "Happy Birthday" to P's little brother, Silk the Shocker.

Curt Hennig arrived with a gift. The Soldiers were suspicious, but P allowed Hennig to say his piece. The former AWA Champion apologized for any misunderstanding, and presented Silk with a cowboy hat. Silk stomped the hat, and P then whacked Hennig with a birthday cake.

Eddy Guerrero d. Juventud Guerrera :
Pre-match, Juvy hugged Eddy, and then slapped Guerrera in the face. The former LWO leader pummeled his opponent, street-style, until Guerrera snapped back. Guerrero controlled the majority of the match with power moves, but Juvy continued to surprise Guerrero with hurracanranas and roll-ups. Air Juvy then executed several suicide dives and springboards. Guerrero rebounded with an airplane spin-hangman's neckbreaker, and his trademark Frog-splash.

The Cat (w/ Sonny Onoo) d. Prince Iaukea :
Pre-match, the Cat danced and threatened to shove his red shoes in Prince's personal areas. Exhibiting his new aggressive nature, Prince struck, but lost momentum when he was treated to a face-full of cold beverage on the outside. Iaukea absorbed Cat's offense, hit a Samoan Drop, but lost focus when Onoo distracted him from the ring apron. The Cat put on one of his dancing shoes, delivered a loaded kick, and scored the pin. Post-match, Cat danced some more and donned his sequined apron.

Booker T d. Kanyon :
Recently returning from injury, Booker T continued his winning streak against this tag team champion. Both of these heavyweights displayed their vast offensive arsenals, but it was brilliant countering that made the difference. Although Kanyon scored points by turning a Sunset Flip into a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge, the Harlem Heater made the difference with a surprise spinkick. Enter the Jersey Triad. Booker tried to fight DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon, but soon suffered a Flatliner and a Diamond Cutter Deluxe.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Roddy Piper and Ric Flair with Asya and Arn Anderson
The Presidential Team mocked Bagwell for being a snot-nosed kid, looking for a handout. Flair then turned his attention to Bagwell's girlfriend and a supposed interlude that took place at the hotel. Listening in the back, Buff Daddy had heard enough and barreled towards the ring.

Roddy Piper/Ric Flair vs. Buff Bagwell :
Bagwell got in a few shots, but was quickly overwhelmed by the veteran pairing. Flair then declared Bagwell would be forced to fight both men in a handicap match. Buff Daddy showed superhuman resilience, battling both men and Anderson, but was simply outnumbered.

Until Dean Malenko arrived.

The Presidential Team d. Dean Malenko/Buff Bagwell :
After arguing with referee Mickey J, the official agreed to let Malenko join the match. Bagwell fought his way out of enemy territory, and made the crucial tag. That's when things got crazy. The Iceman snapped, attacking Piper, Flair and eventually putting Anderson into the Texas Clover Leaf. Meanwhile, the Hot Rod pulled a pair of brass knuckles from his trunks, clubbed Bagwell and dragged Nature Boy over for the cover (Malenko couldn't see, since he was stuck in the hold).

The Jersey Triad vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan (w/ No Limit Soldiers) (for Tag Titles) :
The Garden State thugs confused their opponents by using all three men in the match, instead of using just declaring two opponents. But the Mexican contingent remained focused, despite both members receiving a wicked beating from the World Champions. Momentum changed, however, when Kanyon missed a moonsault and Mysterio received the hot tag. In a matter of moments, the ring filled with Hennig's Posse (which now included Kendall Windham), the No Limit Soldiers, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn. This night belonged to No Limit. Master P's peeps washed out the ring, took the mic and roused the crowd.

Sting vs. Sid Vicious (w/ Randy Savage, Entourage) :
Savage's assistance led to a grueling offensive run from Vicious, who treated the Stinger to lariats and multiple kicks to the head. When Stinger rebounded with a trademark splash, Savage entered the ring. Team Madness pummeled Sting, until Luger made save. Madness and Sid threatened Sting and the Package, but refused to enter the ring.

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